Erotic Massage Timisoara

Erotic massage – prices
Explore our types of massage tailored to your desires, surely one of them will catch your attention.
Erotic massage – prices
NEW! For girls, ladies or couples interested in exploring their own sexuality, we offer the possibility of an erotic massage with a masseur (man). Pre-programming is required.
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Topless erotic massage

200 RON | 45 min
Salon masaj erotic Timisoara

Feel the passion to the fullest through an erotic massage offered in an intimate, passionate and sensual atmosphere. Topless erotic massage is an excellent sexual stimulus that enhances your libido, increases  lasciviousness, erotic feelings and physical lust. You will be spoiled with fine aromas and aphrodisiacs, very pleasant and exciting, and your body will relax due to an erotic massage made by the tender hands of one of our girls.

Nude erotic massage

250 RON | 60 min

Feel the pleasure and bliss of a nude erotic massage. You will go through all the sensations you dream of: romantic prelude and erotic touches all over your body. You will experience a feeling of freedom and full relaxation that will help you to disconnect. Our masseuses will take care of spoiling and completely disconnecting you. Fine fragrances will invade your senses and bring you to the peak of ecstasy. Trust the hands of our masseuses that will relax your entire body. They will take care of you from the beginning to the end. During the massage you have the opportunity to recharge your mind and body with new energy while listening to the soothing music and enjoy the romantic candle light.

Nuru erotic massage

300 RON | 60 min


nuru massage

During a session, a special Nuru gel is used, especially slippery, which offers different sensations, there is more closeness, and the massage is done with the whole body of the girl.

Erotic massage with jacuzzi and champagne

400 RON | 80 min



During your time at the jacuzzi, you will have moments of total relaxation and a new sense of pleasure, which, if you havn’t visited us before, you certainly didn’t experience it.

Erotic massage with 2 girls (erotic show)

400 RON | 60 min
Salon masaj erotic Timisoara

The main feature of an erotic massage is causing the whole body shivers of pleasure. Imagine what it is like to get the attention of two of our girls at once. Double pleasure! You will be carried on waves of pleasure, ecstasy and relaxation.

Dominant erotic massage (with toys)

350 RON | 60 min

If you are a fan of dominant women, you will love erotic massage with a domineering. Our masseuses are able to play any role. So, do not be afraid to tell us your secret wishes and the masseuses will do their best to fulfill them. The masseuse will bind, whip, penetrate, etc. We bring your fantasies to life.

Erotic massage for couples (2 girls)

400 RON | 60 min
Salon masaj erotic Timisoara

Want to bring something new into your relationship? Do you want to have fun together? Erotic massage for couples improves the relationship, increases the level of trust and intimacy. It is also an opportunity to eliminate boredom and monotony.

Erotic massage for ladies or girls

200 RON | 60 min

We invite women to dare to visit erotic massage salon Iulia more often, here they can discover their sensuality through sensations, touches, selective energy interactions. It is very important for a woman to get orgasmic states to be happy. The value of a woman is not only due to the exterior beauty but also to the way she thinks, speaks, feels, emanates. For a woman to achieve this inner beauty, she needs to become aware of the treasure that lies within her: sexual energy, the energy of life.

Erotic massage with 2 girls + jacuzzi + champagne

600 RON | 80 min

This type of massage will give you total relaxation and bliss, accompanied in jacuzzi by two masseuses chosen by you and champagne, will surely be a unique experience that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.


Erotic massage gift card

Massage Salon Iulia takes care of its clients and not only, offer moments of maximum relaxation to any person dear to youCertainly our gift card will be a different, unique and much appreciated gift.

Gift Card salon masaj erotic Timisoara

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily, but an appointment makes you sure you don’t wait.

Yes, through erotic massage techniques, by touch, without any sexual intercourse.

The pictures are 100% real and all of them belongs to us.

Yes. Upon request, private parties can be organized with a prior appointment.